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About Us

The Hampshire Project is a community focussed organisation that puts local business first.

As we work with the local business community to supply quality products and services we will be able to look further towards supporting local charities and community groups.

We set an example of being an ethical and sustainable business for others to follow.

We support buying local wherever possible to promote the growth of local businesses.

The Hampshire Project is a business networking organisation with local benefits. We help businesses support each other in community through trust from the relationships developed, knowledge gained and opportunities created in our meetings. It is a sustainable support network.

Knowledge and resources are gained from the people we bring together – experienced business people, coaches and consultants, great thinkers and people who have worked in politics, for charities and people from every part of society, creating teams of brilliant people who thrive on working and making a difference together.

The Hampshire Project is an expansion of the Oxfordshire Project, established in 2012 in Oxfordshire with networking groups across the county.


Becoming a member of The Hampshire Project 
Membership is not automatic. We like to get to know our people and their business at our networking meetings before they become members. We are a local business focussed organisation and want to ensure you will fit in comfortably with our community and values.

Membership is not a requirement to attend our meetings, but, there are significant benefits available to members.

Advertising on our website
Members of The Hampshire Project are welcome to discuss advertising on our website – we know they will share our values of ethical and sustainable business practice.

Can I come along to one of your networking meetings?
As The Hampshire Project we welcome anyone who owns, runs or works for a Hampshire business to attend our networking meetings. You may also bring guests with you. We welcome visitors from other counties looking at expanding their business in Hampshire or who would simply like to visit and network with us as they are in the area. Members of other networks are welcome to visit with us as we follow an open and inclusive model.

Light refreshments are served at our meetings and we may be oversubscribed, so booking in advance is required. The cost for visitors and guests is £15 per person per meeting, unless advised otherwise.

What businesses are represented at your networking events?
Our focus is but not limited to SME’s (small and medium enterprises), and includes sole traders, registered limited liability companies, mini and micro businesses. Our members and visitors include manufacturers and service providers (dog walkers and trainers, mobile DJ’s, utility networks, tradespeople (decorators, home improvement companies, plumbers, electricians, etc), business coaches and consultants (marketing consultants, graphic designers, IT experts, website developers, sales specialists, etc), personal development specialists and therapists (colour and style consultants, therapists and counsellors), HR professionals, lawyers, accountants, financial organisations, etc.

Visits from other networking organisations are also welcome.

How many meetings can I come to before deciding to become a member? 
There is no limit to how many meetings you may attend as a visitor. Based on business focus, goals and finances permanent visitors are welcome, but do not benefit from the free membership services offered